About The Samarya Center

The Samarya Center is a community-based organization dedicated to individual transformation and radical social change. Founded in April 2001, The Samarya Center was envisioned as a wellness center dedicated to healing through the holistic view of Integrated Movement Therapy, a clinically sound therapy method rooted in the philosophy, practice and spirit of yoga.

Over time, The Samarya Center grew to be a premiere training institute for Integrated Movement Therapy and Samarya Yoga, the unique yoga style that evolved out of the therapeutic model, as well as an institutional model for inclusion, diversity, social justice and personal transformation.

Currently The Samarya Center serves people both locally and globally through its Seattle based location, its multiple community outreach programs and its internationally recognized trainings in Samarya Yoga and Integrated Movement Therapy.

Yoga is a state of knowing peace through connection to self, others and the universe. The Samarya Center is a community that fosters individual growth as a means to global transformation. Because the state of yoga is the birthright of every individual, The Samarya Center’s mission is to provide access to the practice and teachings of yoga to all people, regardless of perceived barriers.