Opportunity to go to India in 2015!!

Plan now to join us in India in 2015!We will begin our unforgettable pilgrimage on February 1st, when we land and settle outside of Chennai, with the endless beaches and temples of South India.

We will then continue our wander north to Rishikesh”s Dayananda Saraswati Ashram, and finally closing our journey with a Valentine”s day trip to the Taj Majal, one of the greatest architectural expressions of love in the universe.

Join Molly Lannon Kenny and her friend and beloved student, JK Jaganathan on a deep dive into yoga, bhakti, surrender, joy, learning and love. Some of these hours count toward our 500 and 1000 hour Samarya Yoga and Integrated Movement Therapy training programs.

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Take Advantage of our Yesler Way Yoga Prices!!!

Our prices will be increasing slightly in the new year to ensure sustainability. Would you like to lock in the old prices now? You can purchase a ten visit pass at $110, an annual pass at $875, a monthly pass at $85, or a six week series class pass at $75 from today until December 31. We are discontinuing our 20 visit pass.

Limit on three of any purchase per student. (For example, two series classes and one ten pass class) All passes at the current rate must be used by June 30, 2014, with the exception of our annual pass, which will expire one year from our open date – anticipated now to be mid to end of Feb. Read more


Yoga Teacher Training FREE Info Session

Our teacher trainings are growing every year and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Come to our up-coming info session, Monday, Dec. 2 or Wednesday, December 11, 7:30 -9 pm at The Samarya Center to learn about this incredibly transformative experience!
To read more about teacher training, for dates, or to register, click here.
Molly Lannon Kenny, Founder and Director of The Samarya Center will be providing information about our upcoming Spring Yoga Teacher Training which is happening April 4-18, 2014.  You won’t want to miss this informational session if you have questions you want to ask and information you want to gather.   Read more