Seattle Studio and Classes

The Samarya Center is Seattle’s only community yoga and yoga therapy training center, and is dedicated to providing yoga and yoga therapy to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Our mission is to foster individual growth as a means to global transformation. Because the state of yoga is the birth right of every individual, The Samarya Center’s mission is to provide access to the practice and teachings of yoga to all people, regardless of perceived barriers. In addition to providing yoga asana and philosophy classes and workshops, we work to change perspectives on healing by providing and teaching IMT (Integrated Movement Therapy®), a clinically based, empirically sound therapy approach, rooted in the philosophy, practice and spirit of yoga.

Yoga means many things to many people. It is stretching, strengthening, calming, healing, moving, meditating, finding peace, learning to breathe. It is for all people, of all ages and in all conditions.

First and foremost, yoga is a practice of love and acceptance for oneself and for others. It is through this practice of compassion, humility and understanding that we begin to heal ourselves and our communities.

At The Samarya Center, we are committed to helping our students find a personal practice that encourages a sense of well-being on all levels, and to developing that experience through trust, communication and respect. We see our teachings and therapy as partnerships, rather than hierarchies.

We offer a variety of yoga classes, including specialized classes about yoga and aspects of yoga therapy. All of our teachers have backgrounds in Ashtanga yoga and draw on the sound progressions of the first and second series to inform our stronger vinyasa classes including our moderate, vigorous and advanced classes.

Our staff also has significant background and training in Integrated Movement Therapy® and in other yoga styles, and lovingly teaches gentle and yin style yoga classes for those wishing a more meditative practice. We offer classes for specific issues, including our Life after Loss class and our class for those dealing with chronic pain.

In every class at The Samarya Center, teachers offer a basic foundation of love and acceptance of what is happening now, helping each student, no matter his or her age or challenge, to find a place of deep peace and strength and to learn to draw on that throughout daily life. It is our vision to allow each individual to find his or her own path in an environment of support, encouragement and thoughtful dialogue.